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Apple iPadApple will never stop impressing us with computers and devices that change the way we look at technology. There was the mouse, the iPod, now say hello to the iPad.

The iPad redefines what portable technology and processing power should be. It’s living in the market niche between iPods, netbooks and an ebook reader. Its basically an upscale version of the iPod touch, with more screen real estate and more processing power. It’s thin, sized exactly right and features that slick look look that latest Apple products have been sharing. Did we say it’s screen is touch sensitive? The iPad will have access to 2 brand new Apple Stores : an ebook store and a market place tailored exclusively for iPad apps. This new marvel will also have access to the previous App Store shared by the iPod Touch and iPhone. With a price tag of only $499, the iPad will be a serious menace for netbooks and ebook readers.

Once again, Apple takes over the market and will leave traditional technology and products far behind. Can’t wait to see what is coming next!

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Your client orders collateral for a product lunch that will occur in 2 days. It is critical that every component and every color match with the corporate branding requirements. How are you going to proceed? Simple, you need to calibrate your system’s input, processing and output components so they speak the same language, that is, the same numbers.

In the world of calibration, it is important to work in the appropriate color space. Working in the right color space with your software is half of the equation (device independent color space). The other half is getting your peripherals (screen and printer) calibrated as well (device dependent color space). To tackle that work, the use of a tool such as X-Rite’s i1 series will make your color adjustments an easy part of your day. As far as software is concerned, we suggest you work with Profoto color space it is bigger and includes more information than RGB, sRGB or Adobe RGB 1998. If, for example, you need to export to a web format, you will be able to do it easily while keeping your original intact with a whole lot of information available. Don’t forget to calibrate your monitor on a weekly or, at least, a monthly basis. You may not be aware, but your monitor’s colors a slowly shifting over time; especially if you are using and LCD monitor.

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As time goes by, chances of rescuing lost family members, neighbors or friends diminish. The upcoming hours will be decisive; many will loved ones will go missing forever; lucky ones will escape death and debris.

If you want to help by making a donation, do it with an organization you can trust and that will use your money in an effective way. We suggest you do it with Unicef.

May our prayers be with Haiti and its citizens.

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You want to know who is behind bleuCyan? Satisfy your curiosity with this beta version of a micro site devoted entirely to Mathieu Leclerc, his background, his company and his toys. Enjoy!




Happy New Year!

bleuCyan would like to wish you a very happy new year! Stay tuned in 2010 for a trick we’ve been keeping up our sleeve; a clue? Naaah… you’ll have to wait!

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