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Apple iPadApple will never stop impressing us with computers and devices that change the way we look at technology. There was the mouse, the iPod, now say hello to the iPad.

The iPad redefines what portable technology and processing power should be. It’s living in the market niche between iPods, netbooks and an ebook reader. Its basically an upscale version of the iPod touch, with more screen real estate and more processing power. It’s thin, sized exactly right and features that slick look look that latest Apple products have been sharing. Did we say it’s screen is touch sensitive? The iPad will have access to 2 brand new Apple Stores : an ebook store and a market place tailored exclusively for iPad apps. This new marvel will also have access to the previous App Store shared by the iPod Touch and iPhone. With a price tag of only $499, the iPad will be a serious menace for netbooks and ebook readers.

Once again, Apple takes over the market and will leave traditional technology and products far behind. Can’t wait to see what is coming next!

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This is it

michael-jackson-this-is-itToday is a big day for Michael Jakson’s fans. This is it, the movie, was released to theaters around the globe. It is not a retrospective at MJ’s career; consider it a documentary on the making of the last MJ tour. As expected, fans will be served with lots of dancing, signing and clips from videos made exclusively for that tour. It is a very nice and honest homage at the king of pop and his dedication to music and show business. For those who wanted to see his last tour, scheduled to begin shortly after he died, you will get a very nice peek at what this show would have been. Simply amazing and highly recommended!

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AstroboyAs a child some of us grew up as hard core fans of Astroboy. It used to be an animated manga tv show coming out of the creative genius of no one else than Osamu Tezuka; Japan’s god of manga. First created as a comic book, it met the small screen in 1963 and came back in a brand new series in the 1980’s.

Rumors say that this film was scheduled to be released around 2002 but due to the 9/11 events, its production and release were delayed. So fans were really looking forward for this one to hit the theaters and it did on October 23rd!  Just like many recently released animation movie, it’s casting is very impressive with voices of Nicolas Cage, Donald Sutherland and Samuel L. Jackson among others. The textures were very disappointing, just like the whole story. It looks like we made close to no progress since Toy Story. Everything still has the look and texture of plush toys. A 2D cartoon would probably have done a much better job. It didn’t have the flavor it always had, smelled too much like an Hollywood production and not enough like a Japanese manga.  Hardcore fans will be disappointed for sure; new comers might like it; it’s your call!

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Saw VI

saw-VIFans of Jigsaw are accustomed getting a treat just before Halloween. This year made no exception. On October 23rd they met again with the master of strange machinery and civil justice. This year he takes revenge against an insurance manager ans his manner of conducting business. It’s hard keeping it fresh when you are at the sixth iteration of the same movie, but this time again, the plot is excellent, the tension is at its highest and the blood is flowing. Will Jigsaw turn another bad man’s habits around and make him appreciate his life to its best? If you’re a fan, you will love this movie, no questions asked… And if you’re not, but love horror or suspense movies, you might make a great discovery!

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