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You want to know who is behind bleuCyan? Satisfy your curiosity with this beta version of a micro site devoted entirely to Mathieu Leclerc, his background, his company and his toys. Enjoy!


bleuCyanToday, November 1st 2009, announces its buyout of bleuCyan. “The company lately repositioned in the industry as branding experts, it was the perfect occasion to finalize this deal and reposition our branding and client base as well, bleuCyan offered all this, plus the added value of it’s ecological responsibility.”, says Mathieu Leclerc, president of bleuCyan’s head office will be based in Montreal and will offer world class branding, photography and design services to local and foreign enterprises.

, , , , Hide officially released the first phase of its new website today. Relax and make yourself at home; there is plenty of new stuff to look at!

, Hide